A self-taught photographer who comes from Prague, the capital city of Czechia, and who, as many generations of his ancestors before him, fell in love with nature of South Bohemia. His love for wandering in the woods led him taking pictures of trees. And capturing of morning fog gives him a pretty good reason to get up before sunrise. Photos he takes are unique because of his attitude and thanks to taking pictures he can see things most people don’t even notice. Martin tries to capture all interesting places he visits. And as his fans say, his work is dreamlike, evocative and tells a story.

I'm currently updating this website, redesigning and adding new pics. Meanwhile, you can see or follow some of my work on social media links on the photography communities flickr and 500px. I will start my blog in the Autumn 2020.

thanks everyone / merci / gracias / 谢谢。/ 고마워요. / ありがとう

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